Meet the Friars

The makeup of the friars reflects the reality of Australia - a mix of many ethnic backgrounds. Of the friars currently resident in Australia, just over half have been born here. The ethnic/cultural background of the friars are Anglo Celtic/Saxon, Italian, German, Mauritian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian (Sibolga, Medan, Pontinanak), Indian (Kerala and Goa) and Polish. This mix is also reflected in the composition of the individual fraternities.

The elements that unite us into a Capuchin identity are baptism and rule of life (Rule of St Francis and Capuchin Constitutions).Here are some of the friars here in the province (their stories will be added soon!):

Fr James Grant

Fr John Spiteri

Fr Pio Hendi

Fr Luan Le

Br Bernard Cunningham

Fr Henry Paul

Fr Dean Mathieson

Fr Julian Messina

Br Albin Hennequin

Fr Paul Hanbridge

Fr Lam Vu


Fr Thomas McFadden

Br Steven Tran


Fr Ben Johnson

Br Peter Tullis

Br James Cronly


Fr Robert Stewart

Br Gerard O’Brien