Constitutions N.102,6:

6. Likewise, all associations cultivating the spirit of Saint Francis, especially those of young people, should be promoted and assisted spiritually. Our houses should become centres of fraternal gatherings and inspiration for all, clergy and laity, who wish to follow the footsteps of Christ under the direction of Saint Francis.
Word, liturgy and ministry together underpin the Capuchin friars approach to faith formation of young people. The desire to be generous with their own self, to change society for the better and to create fulfilling relationships is a common desire among young adults. The friars invite young people to be collaborators with them in their ministries of outreach, especially to the poor and marginalised. To serve others generously in the spirit of Jesus Christ, requires being regularly nourished in this spirit. The proclamation of the Word, through various means – theme evenings, day retreats, pilgrimages, youth festivals – continually open the hearts of the young people to the invitation of Jesus to him make a home in each one. This communion of having the same spirit leads to celebration. This communion is both established and nourished when the young people celebrate liturgy – Adoration, Benediction, Mass, prayer of the Church – with the friars. This then gives the encouragement, strength and enthusiasm to continue to serve in various ministries. The faith formation of the young people is carried out from our various friaries in different ways.