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Eight great talks were delivered at the “Rebuild My Church” Capuchin Franciscan Youth Fest on 26-29 June 2014 by four of our Capuchin Friars. They had the goal of inspiring the young people to go and rebuild the Church by addressing a few Church themes (evangelisation, the poor, unity, mercy, Eucharist), sharing with them some wisdom from St Francis and from our Franciscan tradition. Fr Paul Dressler OFM Cap, from Capuchin College in Washington DC delivered four of the talks; our ex-General Minister, Bishop John Corriveau OFM Cap, delivered two of the talks; and our Provincial, Fr Gary Devery OFM Cap, and our Vicar Provincial, Fr Robert Stewart OFM Cap, delivered the other two. All eight will be made available here over the coming weeks. Special thanks to Cradio for allowing us to use their recordings (

Fr. Robert Stewart – St. Francis For Today

Fr. Gary Devery – St. Francis The Poor

Fr. Paul Dressler – Finding True Faith In A World Of Unbelief

Fr. Paul Dressler – Mercy Letting Christ’s Light Into The Darkness Of My Heart

Fr. Paul Dressler – Living With Certain Hope – A Guide To Joy

Bishop John Corriveau – St. Francis And Unity

Bishop John Corriveau – The Eucharist

Fr. Paul Dressler – Rebuilding The Church Through Perfect Charity


In July 2014, Bishop John Corriveau OFM Cap (ex-General Minister of the Capuchin Order and bishop of the diocese of Nelson, Canada) visited Australia and gave the friars of the Australian Capuchin Province their annual retreat. He generously agreed that we could make these conferences available for you too (though we didn’t catch the beginning of the first talk, and the audio quality for that talk wasn’t quite as good).

Retreat Talk 1 РTrinity as Mystery of Divine Communion 
Retreat Talk 2 – The Humility of God
Retreat Talk 3 – Mystery of Gods Compassionate Love
Retreat Talk 4 – In His Likeness
Retreat Talk 5 – The Church
Retreat Talk 6 – Prayer
Retreat Talk 7 – Secularism and Our Call to be Converted
Retreat Talk 8 – God-centred Poverty 1
Retreat Talk 9 – Living the Faith Vision 1
The 2014 CYA Retreat had as its theme “What are you seeking?” (John 1:38). It delved into some of the fundamental questions of life, of looking into our own hearts to not only ask, but to see what Christ is asking of us. Capuchin friars Fr Lam Vu, Fr James Grant and Fr Thomas McFadden, drew from the Gospel of John to explore our deeper desires and what stops us from fulfilling them and discovering the joy, meaning and purpose of our lives. Special thanks to Cradio for allowing us to use their recordings (

Fr. Lam Vu – What Are You Seeking

Fr. James Grant – Take Away The Stone

Fr. Thomas McFadden – Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled


Before leaving Sydney to take up his new post as Parish Priest of St Marys, South Brisbane, Fr Lam Vu OFM Cap was interviewed by Cradio about his life and vocation. Special thanks to Cradio for allowing us to use their recording (

Called To Serve The Master – Fr. Lam Vu’s Story
In late 2013, Catholic Youth Services in Sydney ran a series of pub talks called “Evenings with Pope Francis” exploring the phenomenon of Pope Francis and the impact he is having in his papacy. Two of our friars, Fr Dean Mathieson and Fr Thomas McFadden, delivered talks in this series. They are made available below. Special thanks to Cardio for allowing us to use their recordings (

Pope Francis and The Poor – Fr. Thomas McFadden